Sunday, May 10, 2009

Restoration of an Italian Made Yamaha TZR-R

A friend of mine took up the challenging task of restoring an Italian made YPVS Yamaha TZR-R. I used the term "restoration" as the bike happens to be really old, and it was in an unmovable condition for more than 2 years at my place. As medicine to the recently appeared Motorcycle Madness he took up this as a challenge and a job to kill the spare time.

Specs of Yamaha TZR-R

Engine - Single Cylinder 125cc, Water Cooled 2 Stroke, Crankcase Reed Valve
MAX SPEED - 107.9 mph
Max Power - 32.19BHp @ 11,300rpm
Max Torque - 14.89ftlb @ 11,300rpm
Weight - 135.6kg
Compression Ratio - 11.5:1
Carburetor - VHSA32GS VS Dellorto
Spark Plug - BR9ES
Ignition system - C.D.I
Tank Capacity - 13.0L
Transmission - 6-Speed
Forks - USD Telescopic (Paioli)
Rear Suspension - Swing Arm(Paioli)
Front Brake - Brembo 4 pot, single side
Rear Brake - Brembo single pot
Front Tyre - 100/70-17
Rear Tyre - 150/60-17

The bike was moved to his garage, yes.. using a trailer as i said earlier, it was in an unmovable condition at my place. The chain, sprocket, Wheel, front fork and handle was stuck due to the rust and dirt.

Bringing back the dead

Almost everything in the bike was Made in Italy.

I made a video from my Nokia N73 as soon as the Power Valve was restored back to a working condition after two days work. I will upload another video as soon as the work is complete.



Photos from The Railway trip to Kandy

So, After the few weeks silence due to the injuries after the reckless stunt i made on the Honda, im back. Thanks to all the folks who were in touch.

I had the privilege of joining a Train / Railway trip to Kandy from Negombo on a Hot Sunday morning with an interesting family in Negombo. It was an interesting trip, as railways and trains are not the usual mode of transportation we use in our daily traveling routines. We started our journey early morning on a Train (Second Class Carriage) from negombo and reached Peradeniya in 3 hours time. On our way, I tested out the Sports mode of my Nokia N73 Camera and also i did not forget to capture some Photos from the Peradeniya Botanical gardens as well, where we spent the Noon. Tunnels, Signal Posts, and the stuning sceneries spiced up the journey.

The return trip was not the best as we were exhausted and we had to come in a Third Class Carriage. However the entire journey was an unforgettable event, and it is sad to say that due to the lack of maintenance and the corrupted railway authorities, this might be the last trip we will ever remember as a train trip in the distant future.

Photograph captured at 30mph in Sports Mode.

Peradeniya (Peradeniya-Junction) Railway Station

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

Kandy Railway Station