Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disadvantages of N73

The Disadvantages i experienced during the time i used My Nokia N73.

No Wifi, or GPS. (Too much to ask?)

Phone Does not support Memory Cards over 2GB.

Video camera takes time to start capturing,(Especially if it’s the first time ur making a video for the month, as it takes time to create the folder).

Photo Camera Freezes once in a while when its focusing an object.

LED flash is not enough to capture photos during Night time.

Send key (Green Key) doesn’t function once in a while, it’s a bug in the firmware, That was never fixed.

Shiny metal parts of the keypad (Function keys, Send / End Keys) are starting to turn brown after a few months.

Browser does not function in Landscape Mode.Its really hard to browse through most web Pages in Portrait Mode.

No Automatic Keypad lock. If you need to lock the keypad automatically after a few seconds, you need to enable the Phone lock, which asks for a code every time you unlock.

Calculator lacks advanced functions. (6300 has all of them!)

Alarms are not repeated. (Most of the classics can!)

N-Gage officially not supported by Nokia for the N73. (They show a N73 on the N-Gage Site)

Internal Voice Recorder cannot record Clips longer than 1 Minute, Which makes it completely useless.

Calls cannot be recoded without a BEEP, Even with most 3rd Party Softwares.

Internal IM client does not support the best messaging services such as Yahoo, Windows Live or Gmail.

No Spy photography. Shutter sound and flash blows everything. (But 3120 Classic can!)

Application Manager takes ages to start even though you have a few Applications.

No direct shortcut to “Create a New Note” and "Make a New Voice Record Clip"