Tuesday, March 10, 2009

N73 Headset - From HS-28 to HS-20

The Nokia N73 is a phone perfected for the music lovers. Being a frequent traveler, I always use my Nokia N73 along with its headset to listen to music on my way. The 2GB memory can hold up to more than 500 songs, and the Music player which has the “shuffle, Equalizer” options makes it the perfect solution for Music on the Move.

The Sales Package of my Nokia N73 came along with the HS-28 headset (Handsfree) and AD-40 (Remote) Controller unit. The music quality was perfect, and it was better than most average mobile phones, except for Sony Ericsson walkman series mobile devices and some Samsung mobiles.

Nokia HS-28 with Remote AD-40

After some experiments (And it was obvious), I realized that the secret behind Sony Ericsson Headset was its design that fits right into the year, blocking out all the other noise. It had an awesome Bass Boost with a sharp treble. For some time I was wondering why Nokia never tried such a solution with their average headsets to deliver a superb music experience.

Surprisingly, Nokia had such a headset, which I was never aware of. In fact it came along with some Nokia Express music devices. The Headset was Nokia (model) HS-20 Headset. It had a similar ear plug design like Sony Ericsson headsets.

I ordered one and bought it through a retailer in Negombo. As soon as I got home, I tried it with the existing Remote Control Unit (AD-40).

The Music quality was absolutely perfect. The best part about it is that it fits right inside the ear which prevents it from falling off if you’re riding or jogging, and also nobody notices you’re having a headset. The Bass Boost was better than the HS-28, But the loudness was a bit low than the HS-28. Still the quality was crystal clear since this one fits right in and blocks the outside noise.

Nokia HS-20 with Remote AD-40

The only disadvantage about Nokia HS-20 is, when you’re having it, you wil not hear anything else other than the music. For an example, something like a large truck tooting the Horn right behind you, before it runs over you. :-)