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Nokia S60 Tips and Tricks

How-to exchange business cards (contact information) with other phones

Your friend Senaka wants your friend Britto's contact information. Normally you'd write Britto's details on paper for Senaka. But with your S60 device, no pen and paper are required!

1. From the main menu, open your "Contacts".

2. Select the person in your contacts whose business card you'd like to send.

3. Press "Select" with the left soft-key, then scroll down the menu and select “Send” or "Send business card".

4. Then select "Via text message" for the easiest and fastest way to send.

5. Now choose the recipient(s) who'll receive the business card.

The recipient(s) will quickly receive a text message. Once they accept the message the business card will be stored permanently in their contacts.

Save time with group mailing lists

Writing lots of text messages to the same group of friends or colleagues? Tired of typing in their names each time? Save time and create a group. Go to Contacts> Press Joystick right> Options> New group.

Name your group and then add contacts. The next time you want to send an SMS to these people, simply select this group, then create a message. You can even assign each group its own ringtone.

Do you regularly call a phone number that requires you type in a PIN number or an extension?

Here's a way to speed up the process! Let's say you're running late for a voice conference. Instead of calling the number, typing in the conference ID, pressing the hash mark, then typing in the PIN code and pressing the harsh mark again, here's a way to do it faster:

Let's say the phone number is +358 50 123 4567. The conference ID is 12345 and the PIN number is 6789. Here's what you do:

1. Type the phone number into your S60 device, then insert a 'p' by pressing the '*' key three times. P stands for pause, it will pause the dialing for one second. Need it to pause for three seconds? Simply insert three p's.
2. Next you'll insert the conference ID followed by a hash mark, then insert another 'p'.
3. Finally you'll insert the PIN number followed by the hash mark and push SEND.
4. The number you dialed will look like this: +3585012345678p12345#p6789# - It dials the number, pauses for one seconds, inserts the conference ID, pauses again, then inserts the PIN code.

Making conference calls with your S60 device

S60 has the power for up to six parties to talk at once in a conference call. Here's how to do it:

1. Make a connection with your first party by dialing them or receiving a call.

2. Once you're connected, choose Options -> New call.

3. Enter the number of your second party or press Find and search in your Contacts.

4. Once you're connected with your second party, choose Options -> Conference.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add more parties to your conference call.

Assigning speed dial using two keys

Instead of looking through your contacts, or punching in the entire phone number, you can press two keys to dial your most-called numbers.

1. From the main menu, choose "Tools".

2. Choose "Speed Dial" (it may be called "1-Touch"). If you're asked to turn on speed-dialing, press "Yes".

3. You'll see the screen on the right-hand side. Choose an unassigned number and select "Assign".

4. Your contacts list will appear. Select a contact to assign to that number. (Number 1 is reserved for your voice mail)

5. When you're in standby mode, press the speed-dial number you just assigned, and then press Send. Your phone will begin to dial the contact you selected.

Assigning speed dial using just one key

Is two keys one too many for you? Speed dial with the push of just one key.

1. From the main menu, choose "Tools".

2. Next choose "Settings", then "Call Settings" (or "Call"), then scroll down and select "1-Touch Dialing" and select "On". (see the screen below)

3. If you haven't specified your speed dial numbers yet, you can do this from your Contacts menu. When viewing a number, select "Options" and then "Assign speed dial". Pick a number and you're done.

4. When you're in standby mode, press and hold the assigned speed-dial key and your phone will make the call.

Include an image to see who is calling you

Want to see a photo of the person who's calling you?

1. From the main menu, choose "Contacts".

2. Select a particular contact you'd like to attach a photo to.

3. Choose "Options", then "Edit", then "Options", then select "Add thumbnail".

4. Select the memory (phone or memory card) where the photo is located and select "OK".

5. Find the photo you'd like to attach and choose "Select". Don't worry about the size of the image: it will create a thumbnail of the proper size for you. (shown right)

6. Now when that contact calls you, you'll see a picture of his or her face along with the contact name.

Keeping track of your applications with Application Manager

Do you know what you've installed on your S60 device? Where it came from, where it's stored, how big is it? Or, maybe you'd like to uninstall an old application? If so, Application Manager is what you need.

1. From the main menu, choose "Tools" then "App mgr."
2. Here you'll see a list of applications found on your device, highlight one and choose "Options"

From the options menu you can "View details" to find the version number, supplier, memory location, application size, format, and more. You can also "Remove" to uninstall the application from your device.

Tailoring the softkeys

When in standby mode, two softkeys give you one-touch access to an application. When your phone is new, these are set to defaults, but you can easily change them. Go to Tools> Settings> Phone> Standby mode menu to pick the shortcuts. Need more? You can also set five other shortcuts corresponding to the five-way scroll button.

Many S60 devices also feature active standby mode, showing application shortcuts across the top of the screen, and listing calendar, to-do, and player events below.

Organizing icons in the main Menu
As you use the phone, you will notice that you use some programs more than others. To make these programs more accessible, you can move them or place them in an existing or new folder.

To move an icon in the main Menu, move the selection cursor to the item, select Options> Move, and then move the item to where you want it to be. Alternatively, you can move it into a particular folder by pressing Options> Move to folder, and then select the folder you want it in. You can also rename and create folders, too.

How to replace your theme

UI Themes (sometimes called "skins") are the look and feel of your device. You can change the colors, backgrounds, and overall style of your phone in a few simple steps.

You can download free themes with your mobile device. Open your browser and goto and select "Applications". Other themes can be found all around the Internet.

1. From the main menu, choose "Themes". (If you can't find any icon titled, "Themes", you may have a 1st Edition S60 device. See the next tip below for instructions on how to change your wallpaper.)

2. Highlight and select a theme you'd like to use. (shown below)

3. Select either "Preview" to preview the theme without actually using it, or select "Apply" to use the theme immediately.

How to use one of your images as wallpaper

So you like your current theme, but just want to change the wallpaper (or "background")? Maybe you've taken a photo with your built-in camera and you'd like to make it your wallpaper?

1. From the main menu, choose "Gallery". You may have to select "Images & video" from the next menu.

2. Highlight an image you've saved and open it so it's the only image on the screen.

3. Select "Options" then select "Set as wallpaper".

4. Now you'll see that image as your wallpaper.

You can change the wallpaper whenever you feel like it. It's also good to remember that if you choose a new "theme", your customized wallpaper will be replaced by the new theme.

If you're using a 1st Edition S60 device (such as the Nokia 7650/3600/3620/3650/3660/N-Gage/N-Gage QD or Siemens SX1) and don't have the "Themes" option, you can still change your wallpaper.

1. From the main menu choose "Settings", then choose "Phone", then "Standby Mode", then "Background Image".

2. Select the image you'd like to see as your background.

How to change your ringtone and configure your profile

Personalize your own ringtone and learn how profiles function

1. From the main menu choose "Tools" and then choose "Profiles".

2. Now you'll see your "Profiles" screen. Your profile dictates your device's sound settings. When you're using your phone normally, select the "General" profile. If you're in a meeting and you don't want the device to make any sounds, select "Silent". If you're in the noisy outdoors and afraid you may not hear your phone ring, select "Outdoor". Or create a brand new profile for your own reasons.

3. To change your profile, choose a profile you'd like to edit and select "Personalize". Here you can change your ringtone, video call tone, email tone, sms tone, volume, and more. To change your ringtone, select "Ringing tone".

My device makes a sound everytime I press a button. How do I make my keys silent?

Those sounds are fun at first, but can quickly get annoying. Here's how to turn them off.

1. From the main menu choose "Tools" and then "Profiles"

2. Highlight your current profile (probably "General"), select it, and choose "Personalize".

3. Scroll down until you find "Keypad tones".

4. Select it and change it to "Off" and press "OK" (shown below)

I'm in a meeting. How do I quickly turn off all my phone's sounds?

There's a quick way to change your profile to silent (or others) without fiddling through a lot of menus.

1. Press (don't hold!) your power button once.

2. After your profile menu appears, highlight and select "Silent" and your ringtones and other sounds will cease until you change your profile again.

How do I quickly turn off my phone without fiddling through menus?

When you need to turn off your phone quickly without fiddling through a bunch of menus, simply press and hold the power button until the screen turns black (about three seconds).

How to silence your phone with just one key press

Arrived late for an important meeting and you haven't silenced your phone? Or maybe the movie at the theater has already begun yet your phone could ring at any moment? Here's a quick and easy way to silence your phone with just one key press.

1. Press and hold the pound key (#) for just one second, and your phone automatically changes its profile to silent.
2. When you want your phone's profile set back to normal, simply press and hold that pound key once more.

Access your phone's applications while you're talking

Did you know you can access your phone's applications while you're talking on the phone? Maybe you need to write something down in the Notepad while talking? Or maybe you want to look through your Contacts for someone's address? And how about all those times you're stuck in a boring conference call and you'd rather play a game at the same time?

It's simple, all you need to do is push the menu key and you'll have access to most of your other features and applications! Try it out!

How to mark and unmark items using the edit key

Let's say you want to delete a few specific text messages in your inbox. You could go into the menu and select Mark/Unmark, but that can be tedious when dealing with many items. Here's an easier way.

1. Highlight an item you'd like to mark.
2. While holding down the edit button (it looks like a pencil), move the joystick up and down.
3. Release the edit button, move the joystick elsewhere, and you'll notice the items remain marked.
4. You can also use the same method to unmark marked items.

Once you have the specific messaged marked, you can choose Options, then Delete (or whatever else you'd like to do with them) to remove these messages. Remember, this tip can be used on any items in a menu, not just text messages.

How to copy and paste data on your S60 device

1. Position the cursor to the left or right of some text you'd like to copy.

2. While holding down the Edit button, move the cursor key over the text to highlight it.

3. Still holding down the Edit button, press the left softkey to copy the text. If you release the Edit button before copying, simply press the Edit button twice quickly to bring up the copy/cut/paste menu.

4. Move the cursor to where you'd like to paste the text. Press and hold the Edit key, then choose Paste. Remember that this technique works across applications, so you could copy text from, say, your Contacts, then use S60's multi-tasking capabilities to paste the text in your Notes.

Find that missing file on your device

1. In the main menu select the Office folder (Tools on some devices)

2. Select the File Manager> Options> Find - then choose either your phone's memory or memory card.

3. Type in as much of the file name as you know; the phone searches for full or partial matches. It also searches for file extensions - for instance, type in .jpg to find all the photos on your device. (Remember that searches on older S60 phones are case sensitive.)

I'm in a meeting. How do I quickly turn off all my phone's sounds?

There's a quick way to change your profile to silent (or others) without fiddling through a lot of menus.

1. Press (don't hold!) your power button once.

2. After your profile menu appears, highlight and select "Silent" and your ringtones and other sounds will cease until you change your profile again.

Restricting the usage of your phone

You can protect your S60 device against the SIM cards of unauthorized users.

1. From the main menu, choose "Tools", then "Settings".

2. From the next menu, choose "Security", then "Phone and SIM".

3. Change "Lock if SIM changed" to "Yes".

4. Select "Lock Code" and type in your code.

This ensures that when the SIM card is changed, the user needs to know the correct code to access your device.

How do I protect my phone from "bluejacking"?

Bluejacking is the term used when someone attempts to hijack your phone using Bluetooth. But this can easily be prevented by turning off "Bluetooth".

1. From the main menu choose "Connectivity", then "Bluetooth".

2. Once again select Bluetooth and change the option from "On" to "Off". Whenever you're in an area you don't trust, this is your best defense against bluejacking.

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