Saturday, March 21, 2009

Experiences with My Nokia N73

My N73 is a Finland made, Nokia N73 Music edition. After 11 months, I made the Lamborghini Mod, which I posted on this blog earlier.

I bought the device from a retailer in Negombo (Madhawa Phone Shop) for SLR 49,000.00 in July, 2007. The Current Price range is SLR 20,000 - 30,000.

This is my 23rd Phone, since I started using mobile phones in 2005; N73 is one of the best among all of them.

This is the only phone I have kept for more than a year, as of today I have been using this for 1 year and 8 months (20 months)

After I bought my N73, More than 20 N73 devices were bought by my friends based on my opinion and reviews about the N73.

The original battery used to hold for more than 3 days. (Li-Po Batteries standard life span is 3 years, mine is almost dead.)

The stuff that lacks in this phone for me is Memory, Wi-Fi and GPS. If they were included, I wouldn’t feel the need of changing this phone again.

Apart from the bugs and errors that appear after my experiments with the phone, this phone has never failed me. It is the most stable device among my list of used phones.

Keypad is perfect for text messaging. Prints on buttons didn’t get erased after a few months like all the other phones. Average number of Text Messages i send in a single month is more than 3000.

I have captured more than 5000 photographs from my N73, most of them appear on my Facebook and Blog (A Day At Deep Sea, Sailor for a Day, A Rainy Day, All the Articles in Wheels in Negombo Category)

Ever since I got the N73, I never felt the need of a digital camera, The only failure in the N73 camera is, it is not capable of capturing pictures under low light conditions, such as evenings and night.

Ever since I switched to the HS-20 headset, (which is similar to the ear plug type that come with Sony Ericsson Walkman Series), Music has been a delightful experience.

N73 comes with QuickOffice viewer pre installed; I have some of my data stored in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint formats (2003, 2007), which is viewable in the mobile.
After I installed the full version of Quick Office, I can edit them as well. The QuickOffice Version 6 supports Microsoft Office 2007 File formats as well. You can even Store Password Protected Documents, which was not possible in earlier versions.

Adobe Reader LE can open up PDF files, a good feature if you use PDF documents a lot.

The video playback quality is amazing, I used to convert and copy Prison Break episodes to the Phone, so I could watch them on my way. Software i used to convert Videos was Helix Mobile Producer.

No need to backup messages like limited memory phones, N73 can hold more than 3000 text messages in the inbox.

The video capturing format (MP4) from N73 can be directly uploaded to Youtube without any conversions. All the videos uploaded on my YouTube Channel were captured from the N73.

I have shared most of my experiences, trips with my friends live! Using 3G Video calls. 3G Camera lacks quality, But during daytime or under Perfect light, its enough to show off almost anything.

STK (Super/Multi Sims) function perfectly with the N73.Most phones like Sony Ericsson's reboot upon switching the Number.

The Phone lock has no backdoors or loops discovered yet to override the lock easily,(Without a PC) it’s a perfect lock.

N-Gage is a perfect gaming experience,unfortunately Nokia officially does not support the device yet. But there are unofficial ways to install N-Gage Platform on the Nokia N73.

Pre installed “Converter” application is a life saver, No need of pens and papers anymore to do long conversions.

InfraRed has been an amazing feature, ever since the installation of Psiloc IRremote. Switching channels on TV's at public places like Hospitals, and airports is another way of having fun !

Data Cable still fits perfectly to the phone. Most others (N70, 7610) got loose and shaky after some time.

The “Clock’ application can keep the time of more countries and cities apart from your own Home city time. A Helpful feature if you cousins around the world to keep in touch.