Thursday, June 18, 2009

Panoramio and YouTube on Google Earth

Recently, i found some spare time to take a tour on and check what's new on it. Last version of Google Earth i saw is Version 3, which is quite old and out dated. Any how, while i was zooming in towards my Home town (Negombo), i saw a few YouTube videos and Panoramio Photos Popping out of certain places.

When you tag the location of a YouTube Video or a Panoramio Photo you upload, now it appears on Google Earth as well. Its quite new to me, as i was not aware of this. To see this, you need to enable "Panoramio" Under Geographic Web Option and YouTube in the Layers Menu.

I have been using Panoramio (User Name : DJNJ) and YouTube for some time now, and most of the Photos and Videos i uploaded are now visible on Google Earth.

Most of my YouTube Videos and All the Panoramio Photos were captured using My Nokia N73.

My YouTube Channel
My Panoramio Photos
(Captured Using a Nokia N73)