Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Time Saver - Jbak TaskMan

A Fully Loaded Replacement for the S60 Task Manager

S60 is an operating system capable of running multiple applications at the same time, which is also known as multi tasking. As an example, while you're listening to some music on your music player, you can browse your gallery, send text messages or you can even transfer a file using Bluetooth or Infrared.

In Microsoft windows, the popular key combination [Alt+Tab] lets you quickly browse through the active task list, and gives you the ability to switch among active tasks.

By default, the S60 operating system has a Task Manager which simply allows you to switch between active applications and tasks. This task manager can be invoked by pressing and holding the menu key for a few seconds.

The task list will appear on the top left corner of your display as shown below.

Once it is visible, you can switch between tasks or you can quickly terminate an active application by pressing the "C" (Backspace / Clear Key).

The Jbak TaskMan developed by Juriy Bakunin is a perfect replacement for the S60 default task manager, which includes several features and tools which are not available in the default S60 task manager.

It does not require a huge amount of memory to run, compared to the other available Task Managers. A dev cert is not required to sign this application prior to installation, as it is symbian signed, which gives you the freedom to install this on any S60 based mobile phone.

After installation, this will replace the default taskmanager and this can be invoked by pressing and holding the Menu key for several seconds. Apart from switching among tasks, you can also use this as a launcher to open other installed applications or stored content.

The shorcuts can be launched by manually selecting it or, by pressing the corresponding number to it from the keypad.

Jbak Taskman can be also used to view or terminate running processes, threads and chunks on your mobile. It can also set program rules to installed application such as Auto Start, which is similar to the startup folder in Microsoft windows.

After certain installations, some applications require you to restart the mobile which usually has to be done by switching off the phone and switching on again using the power key. But with Jbak Taskman you can do this quickly by selecting the "Reboot" option on its options window.

You can download the latest version of Jbak Taskman from the JBak Homepage. Downloading and installation will not cost you anything, and will not require to fill up forms or register as it is a freeware, yet to encourage the development you can also donate to the developer of the application.