Friday, March 13, 2009

Nokia vs. Samsung vs. Sony Ericsson vs. Motorola

In my experiences with mobile devices, I have come across a countless number of mobiles, and I have personally used 26 mobile phones since 2006. Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola are the best brands that I have personally used, and a few of them were a part of the above mentioned lot of 26. Overall, the best among the lot was the Nokia N73, which I have been using for almost 2 years now. But, still there were some unforgettable features which I liked. This review is about them.

(Best ones I owned - 3310, 7610, N-Gage, 3650, 6822, 6600, N73)

Nokia was always the best for me when it comes to being more user friendly and stable. The features I would like to emphasize are the Microsoft Office compatibility (N series, Quickoffice), Hardy design (Doesn’t do a lot of damage if you accidently drop the phone), and its good performance as a Mass Storage Device.
The standby screen, (desktop) which shows your daily tasks and notes in the background since the launch of symbian S60 Release 3 (N-Series Devices) is a handy feature.No need to go through calendars and notes to check your days pending work.

N-Gage Classic was a great gaming device, which used to waste a lot of time, and this had the ability to record from FM radio. I didnt see that anywhere else !

7610 had a unique design which made it one of the sexiest phones I have used.

3310 was the most simple and user friendly phone I have used, and I still have the phone with me as a backup. I used to love the battery life, as I only used to charge this, once every 5 or 6 days.

6822 was the first phone I ever had with a QWERTY keyboard, It was a great device made for Text Messaging and Emails.

(Best ones I owned – R220, D500, D900, Z370)

When it comes to security, Samsung was always the best. It had some awesome security features, including the Phone/SIM protection which sends a text message to a phone you mention, if the SIM card is changed. Display quality was absolutely perfect and bright, and it is one of the first phones I saw with such a crystal clear quality.

D500 had an awesome external speaker, which made it the loudest mobile at that time.

Z370 was an unforgettable device which made me completely fall in love with it. It was slimmest 3G phone at that time, and it always used to stand out in a crowd among hundreds of other phones. The design was simply amazing, and it fits in your palm and pocket perfectly. The “Phone number dialing screen” was customizable and it was great to see that, after using so many phones with the same old dialing screen which shows just black colored bold numbers (This is the one and only phone which had such a feature).

The only drawback with Samsungs I used was the Low sound, and inability to change the Text Message Tone. The battery didn’t last long in some devices either.

Sony Ericsson
(Best ones I owned – T100, K750, K800)

Design wise they were the best, and I liked the variation of colors on phone’s casing. Music playback quality was superb when a headset is used, and the Cybershot Camera’s (K800) were the only camera’s which had the ability to capture photos in nights and low light conditions.

Battery was a major failure, as none of the devices lasted longer than a day after a charge. At certain places (Mostly low coverage areas), Sony Ericsson’s failed to receive signal, as most other brands had a few bars at the same place.

I used to like the simple menu layout as well, but compared to nokia, the menus were slow in response.

(Best ones I owned – A835, V3, V3x, E1000, RAZR2-V8)

A835 was my first phone, and the largest phone I have used. Nowadays it Is considered as a premium brick, yet it was one of the good ones. A835 had a large speaker behind it, and it was the only phone with a Bass boosted music playback. When a song with some Bass (Never leave you – Lumidee) is played, you can actually feel the thump of the Bass from its speaker.

RAZR series was a unique experience, I used to love the clamshell (flip) design and it was the slimmest range of phones I have used before the Z370. It always stands out in a crowd when you open the flip and answer a call. I used to have the “CTU 24” tone as my ringtone.

I used to mod the V3X and the camera of the phone was superb. The color details were sometimes far better and perfect than most phones, (even better than N73, K800 at certain times of the day) and even better than some digital camera’s. At the printing studio, when I went to get the photos developed, the guy over there never believed that the photos were taken from a Motorola V3x.

RAZR V8, the linux mobile was another unforgettable experience. Together with rasputin’s linuxmod, this phone was one of the best among my list. The clamshell design was even better than the previous RAZR series. The smooth rounded edges, shiny surface, and the metallic color used to draw the eyes of anyone around you. The crystal clear voice enhancer feature was amazing; you can actually hear the person speaking on the other side, even though you’re in the middle of a crowded bus station or a noisy playground.