Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to change the Product Code

Every Nokia Mobile device contains a product code, which contains the data such as the phone model, software version and the region it was released. Depending on the region, you will have several languages on your phone which can be changed from the menu. The product code cannot be viewed by invoking any menus or typing codes, so to view this you need to take the back cover off and remove the battery. The code will be printed on the white label underneath the battery, along with the IMEI and other relevant information of the mobile device. The Product Code is usually a 7 digit code which begins with a 0 (Zero).

Benefits of Changing the Product Code

  • Obtain a New / different version of your Firmware
  • DeBrand your firmware (Removes Network dependent icons, menus and Links)
  • Obtain firmware with different Languages
  • Change the software edition (Music to Standard , Or Standard to Music)

How to Change the Product Code
Read instructions carefully, and do this at your own risk!

First you need to download the latest version of NSS for your PC. Visit the Downloads Page, download the latest version and install it on your computer without changing or ticking any default installation options.

After the installation, it will prompt you to view the USB driver installation. Click "NO" to this, and a shortcut to NSS will be created on your start menu.

Use google serach and get a list of Product codes for your device. Read user reviews (If available), and select the code you want from the list. Copy it down or write it down somewhere exactly as it is. The code usually contains 7 digits, and begins with a 0 (Zero)

To verify your obtained product code, type it on the Nokia Device software update check Page. It will show you your Model and latest available firmware.

Connect your Nokia phone in PC Suite mode to the computer using a data cable.

Go to your start menu, and open NSS. A spalsh screen wlll appear for a few seconds and a new blank window will open as shown below.

On the top right, click the Magnifying glass icon (Scan for a new device)
It will take a few seconds, and the blank window will change to the window shown below.

From the available options in the top, Select and click Phone Info. Move to the right side where it says "Production Data Edit". You will see four Blank options "Product Code, HW Version, Manufacture Month, Order Number and Product Serial Number. Right below the above options, There will be two buttons Read and Write.

Hit the Read button, and the values will be read from the phone.

After a few seconds, the values will be read and will be displayed in blue coloured text and Numbers. Certain fields will remain blank, but the Product code field will show your existing default Product Code.

Now delete the existing product code, and type in the new product code you wrote down earlier. In my case I removed 0539239 and typed the new code 0539343. Tick the enable button right next to the value field.

And once you're done with all the above, Hit the Write button. It wont take more than two or three seconds. Once it is done, A confirmation message will be displayed on the bottom left corner.

Exit NSS, and Restart the Phone if necessary. Update via Nokia Software Updater to obtain the new Firmware.

If this helped you, Please leave a comment! :-)