Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nokia N73 Photo Camera Samples

These are some of the pictures i captured using My Nokia N73. If you are planing to buy one, use an existing N73 as a camera, or simply if you didnt know what N73 Photo camera is capable of, you can check the pictures below. I have uploaded pictures captured under various lighting conditions and various modes.

To download all the pictures in original format, click here. (ZIP archive - 5.6MB)

Technical Specifications of Nokia N73 Imaging Features.


* 3.2 megapixel camera (2048 x 1536 pixels) with up to 20x digital zoom
* Settings for night, brightness adjustment, image quality, self-timer, white balance settings, and color tones
* On device photo editor and video editors (manual and automatic)

Camera Specifications

* CMOS sensor, 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) with autofocus and digital zoom up to 20x
* Carl Zeiss Optics, Tessar™ lens
* Focal length 5.6 mm
* Focus range 10 cm ~ infinity
* Macro mode with 10 cm focus distance
* Mechanical shutter with 1/1000~0.2s shutter speed
* Active slide cover for lens protection


* 2-stage capture key for autofocus control
* 2.4 inch camera viewfinder in landscape orientation and with active toolbar
* Slide for camera protection and activation
* Integrated flash (operating range up to 1m)
* Modes: auto, off, on, red-eye reduction
* Advanced camera modes: still, sequence, video
* Scenes: automatic, user defined, close-up, portrait, landscape, sport and night
* White balance: automatic, daylight, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent
* Color tone: normal, sepia, B&W, vivid, negative
* Light sensitivity: high, medium, low, automatic


* Video: play, record, stream
* Audio recording AAC stereo
* Video stabilization
* Video clip up to 1.5h (limited by available memory)
* File format .mp4 (high), .3gp (normal, MMS)
* Video capture: 352x288 (CIF) at up to 15 fps MPEG-4
* Automatic white balance control
* Scenes: auto, night, close-up, snow/beach, cine, old film
* Digital zoom CIF up to 4x / QCIF up to 8x
* Two-way video call capability
* Second VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with up to 2x digital zoom
* Real time video sharing to another compatible mobile device