Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nokia Product Code

What is the Product Code?

Every Nokia Mobile device contains a product code, which contains the data such as the phone model, software version and the region it was released. Depending on the region, you will have several languages on your phone which can be changed from the menu. The product code cannot be viewed by invoking any menus or typing codes, so to view this you need to take the back cover off and remove the battery. The code will be printed on the white label underneath the battery, along with the IMEI and other relevant information of the mobile device. The Product Code is usually a 7 digit code which begins with a 0 (Zero).

Things to do with the Product Code

You can use the Product code to view the latest available firmware for your mobile phone by entering it at the Nokia Device Software Update Page. It will show the latest available firmware for your mobile.

What Else?

NSS (Also known as Nemesis Service Suite) gives you the option to change your default product code to another compatible product code. This needs to be done carefully as patching a wrong product code can damage your mobile device. (Actually, patching does not do any damage, after the patching process, the updating process will).

By changing the Product code to a different product code (which contains another software version, and another region info), you will be able to obtain a different firmware from a different region to your mobile phone by updating the firmware (Using NSU, Nokia Software Updater) after the patching process.

As an example, you can change your Nokia N73 Standard edition to a Nokia N73 Music Edition by patching a Product that belongs to a Nokia N73 Music Edition. Vice versa, You can change your Music Edition to a Standard edition, internet Edition or even to another available edition from a region of your choice.

This is possible because the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) uses your product code to identify the device info and required firmware edition. When you patch it to a different editions code, the NSU will read it and will obtain the corresponding firmware for the new product code.

For Lists of Product codes for any type of a Nokia, Use google search. You can find any product code for any nokia device in all editions and all regions. Make sure you obtain the product code from a trustworthy source and read user reviews to confirm the code. In case you mess up the phone, at the product code patching process, you will be left helpless as Nokia warranty does not cover such damage.