Saturday, February 21, 2009

Penguins of Madagascar

The famous penguins Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico from the Madagascar Movie gets their own space to Rock !

In case you dont know about these penguins, you better watch the video below. Its a Cut scene from the Movie Madagascar - 2 (Escape To Africa) where they steal a Jeep from a bunch of tourists.

After the events in Madagascar - 2 (Escape to Africa) The penguins return to Central Park Zoo in New York city. Penguins rule the zoo, while carrying out secret missions inside the zoo , and outside the zoo in the heart of New York city as well. Everything was under control , until the new neighbor King Julian moves in to the zoo and starts making a way to become the supreme leader inside the zoo, defeating the penguins.

The Penguins

The blue eyed penguin who is the leader of the group and mastermind behind their secret missions. He usually gives out Orders to everyone else, and names their missions, Failures are often treated with slaps. He is married to a bobble head named Doll. The four Penguins capture a ship and moves its course to Antarctica in the first Madagascar movie and flies an aeroplane in the second Madagascar movie.

Kowalski is the smartest member in the group, who always makes plans takes notes of skipper. He uses crayola Crayons when he's taking notes. He has a crush on a Dolphin named Dorris. Kowalski plotted the captured ships course to Antarctica after they captured it from the sailors.

The Code cracker and the Youngest member of the group, who is slapped more often by the skipper. He too loves taking notes for skipper, and most of the time he is carried away in his own world of thoughts. He loves playing with tape measures.

The black eyed penguin who plays the brawn role of the group as he always carries out tasks which require strength and skill. He is also a knife wizard and an explosives expert who always insists on blowing up everything and solving problems. He des not talk most of the time, and even though he talks its a gibberish which only the fellow penguins understand.


Skipper - Tom McGrath
Kowalski - Jeff Bennett
Private - James Patrick Stuart
Rico - John DiMaggio

Due to the increased popularity, Penguins now have their own series on Nickelodeon named The Penguins of Madagascar which started November 2008. This is the only Nicktoon produced by Nickelodeon with DreamWorks Animations. The series is planned to have 26 episodes.

The following video is a collection of Scenes from the Episodes of Penguins of Madagascar.

Aired Episodes

Episode - Gone in a Flash

Episode - Popcorn Panic