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Disadvantages of N73

The Disadvantages i experienced during the time i used My Nokia N73.

No Wifi, or GPS. (Too much to ask?)

Phone Does not support Memory Cards over 2GB.

Video camera takes time to start capturing,(Especially if it’s the first time ur making a video for the month, as it takes time to create the folder).

Photo Camera Freezes once in a while when its focusing an object.

LED flash is not enough to capture photos during Night time.

Send key (Green Key) doesn’t function once in a while, it’s a bug in the firmware, That was never fixed.

Shiny metal parts of the keypad (Function keys, Send / End Keys) are starting to turn brown after a few months.

Browser does not function in Landscape Mode.Its really hard to browse through most web Pages in Portrait Mode.

No Automatic Keypad lock. If you need to lock the keypad automatically after a few seconds, you need to enable the Phone lock, which asks for a code every time you unlock.

Calculator lacks advanced functions. (6300 has all of them!)

Alarms are not repeated. (Most of the classics can!)

N-Gage officially not supported by Nokia for the N73. (They show a N73 on the N-Gage Site)

Internal Voice Recorder cannot record Clips longer than 1 Minute, Which makes it completely useless.

Calls cannot be recoded without a BEEP, Even with most 3rd Party Softwares.

Internal IM client does not support the best messaging services such as Yahoo, Windows Live or Gmail.

No Spy photography. Shutter sound and flash blows everything. (But 3120 Classic can!)

Application Manager takes ages to start even though you have a few Applications.

No direct shortcut to “Create a New Note” and "Make a New Voice Record Clip"

Experiences with My Nokia N73

My N73 is a Finland made, Nokia N73 Music edition. After 11 months, I made the Lamborghini Mod, which I posted on this blog earlier.

I bought the device from a retailer in Negombo (Madhawa Phone Shop) for SLR 49,000.00 in July, 2007. The Current Price range is SLR 20,000 - 30,000.

This is my 23rd Phone, since I started using mobile phones in 2005; N73 is one of the best among all of them.

This is the only phone I have kept for more than a year, as of today I have been using this for 1 year and 8 months (20 months)

After I bought my N73, More than 20 N73 devices were bought by my friends based on my opinion and reviews about the N73.

The original battery used to hold for more than 3 days. (Li-Po Batteries standard life span is 3 years, mine is almost dead.)

The stuff that lacks in this phone for me is Memory, Wi-Fi and GPS. If they were included, I wouldn’t feel the need of changing this phone again.

Apart from the bugs and errors that appear after my experiments with the phone, this phone has never failed me. It is the most stable device among my list of used phones.

Keypad is perfect for text messaging. Prints on buttons didn’t get erased after a few months like all the other phones. Average number of Text Messages i send in a single month is more than 3000.

I have captured more than 5000 photographs from my N73, most of them appear on my Facebook and Blog (A Day At Deep Sea, Sailor for a Day, A Rainy Day, All the Articles in Wheels in Negombo Category)

Ever since I got the N73, I never felt the need of a digital camera, The only failure in the N73 camera is, it is not capable of capturing pictures under low light conditions, such as evenings and night.

Ever since I switched to the HS-20 headset, (which is similar to the ear plug type that come with Sony Ericsson Walkman Series), Music has been a delightful experience.

N73 comes with QuickOffice viewer pre installed; I have some of my data stored in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint formats (2003, 2007), which is viewable in the mobile.
After I installed the full version of Quick Office, I can edit them as well. The QuickOffice Version 6 supports Microsoft Office 2007 File formats as well. You can even Store Password Protected Documents, which was not possible in earlier versions.

Adobe Reader LE can open up PDF files, a good feature if you use PDF documents a lot.

The video playback quality is amazing, I used to convert and copy Prison Break episodes to the Phone, so I could watch them on my way. Software i used to convert Videos was Helix Mobile Producer.

No need to backup messages like limited memory phones, N73 can hold more than 3000 text messages in the inbox.

The video capturing format (MP4) from N73 can be directly uploaded to Youtube without any conversions. All the videos uploaded on my YouTube Channel were captured from the N73.

I have shared most of my experiences, trips with my friends live! Using 3G Video calls. 3G Camera lacks quality, But during daytime or under Perfect light, its enough to show off almost anything.

STK (Super/Multi Sims) function perfectly with the N73.Most phones like Sony Ericsson's reboot upon switching the Number.

The Phone lock has no backdoors or loops discovered yet to override the lock easily,(Without a PC) it’s a perfect lock.

N-Gage is a perfect gaming experience,unfortunately Nokia officially does not support the device yet. But there are unofficial ways to install N-Gage Platform on the Nokia N73.

Pre installed “Converter” application is a life saver, No need of pens and papers anymore to do long conversions.

InfraRed has been an amazing feature, ever since the installation of Psiloc IRremote. Switching channels on TV's at public places like Hospitals, and airports is another way of having fun !

Data Cable still fits perfectly to the phone. Most others (N70, 7610) got loose and shaky after some time.

The “Clock’ application can keep the time of more countries and cities apart from your own Home city time. A Helpful feature if you cousins around the world to keep in touch.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nokia N73 Firmware Change Logs

This is a list of Nokia N73 Firmware changelogs. These logs contain information of features updated and removed during each firmware release. This page displays the timeline of N73 Firmware updates.

To view your current firmware Type *#0000# on the standby screen.

Firmware Change Logs

2.0628.0.0.3 - 3.0638.0.0.1 (SB-024/22.11.06)

New features
  • Video Stabilization set ON by default
  • InfraRed Modem application added

  • Slow SMS Sending problem
  • Incall Rebooting Issue
  • Restart when 3D audio ringing tone and say callers name active (partially fixed)
  • N73, N70 setting "name display order" in Contacts doesn't work
  • Not Possible to Switch General mode after Offline without re-flashing
  • Bluetooth Search and Connection errors
  • Phone resets when connecting or disconnecting BT headset during active phone cal
  • Phone hangs or Rebooting when composing an SMS (partially fixed)
  • Phone hang when taking picture (partially fixed)
  • Camera Freezes when zooming (partially fixed)

3.0638.0.0.1 - 3.0649.0.01 (SB-042/22.01.07)

  • Call waiting: Very quiet call waiting tone.
  • Headset: Headset hissing noise.
  • Tuneplayer: Unhandled aborts.

  • Security: RSA signing vulnerability.
  • OSS browser: OSS browser will not release memory after browsing several pages even after History turned off.

  • UI: BT UI stops responding after pressing right softkey twice fast.

  • Establishment: "Call Not Allowed" displayed when attempting to make a call.
  • Video call: "App closed: Video call" is showing after the alerting video call is interrupted.

  • Stability: Camera freezes after taking picture.
  • Video Recorder: Video does not shut down when slide closed.
  • Video Recorder: Recorded video suffers from visible mains flicker.
  • Video Recorder: Video recording saving sometimes fails

  • Voice dialing: name is mirrored when the contact is in Hebrew.

  • Answer Phone: When the handset is reading the Answer Phone Spools it does not display the correct value in the MMI. (Orange)

  • Icon List: Wrong toolbar icons in gallery when started with video as last taken item.
  • Review: Review key does not open media gallery.
  • Zoom: Cannot zoom more than 50% in Gallery.

Free memory: Gallery crashes when exiting from free memory.

Images: First thumbnail not shown when inserting image into MMS.

Device Management: 405 is returned for REPLACE command. (CMCC)

Operator Apps
  • Homezone: Device recognizes HomeZone's in wrong way, when there is less that four zones activated. (O2-DE)
  • Homezone: HomeZone cache's FF FF FF FF entries are not handled as an empty entry. (O2-DE)
  • Homezone: ReadViagHomeZoneCache method returns always KErrNone even when it ́s not ready. (O2-DE)

Stability: ASIC causing reboot.

Online print: Localization issue in Hungary HuClient. (Hungary)

Silent mode: N73 failed to power off when the profile was set to “Silent”.

  • Say Callers name: Reboot happening with combination of 3D Audio, MP3, Say callers name and 3D effects.
  • Settings wizard: wrong region info in setting wizard. (Taiwan)

  • Audio: Very low volume when listening to audio through the headset (H3G).
  • Audio: Streaming audio file not played correctly. (UAE)

  • Active Idle: Bold text in active idle.
  • General Settings: Cangjie input method is not available to choose in phone general setting option. (China)
  • Network banner: Wrong name of the GSM operator 255-05. (Golden Telecom)

Visual Radio
Basic functionality: Volume cannot be muted with IHF.

Voice command
Voice tags: Problem creating new voice tag.

3.0649.0.01 - 3.0704.1.0.1 (SB-046/07.02.07)

Minor CellMo update to improve production variant creation on the line. (This change has no affect whatsoever on enhancements made to the previous SW release and consequently no regression will be experienced while utilizing 3.0704.1.0.1 SW release)

3.0704.1.0.1 - 3.0713.1.0.2 (SB-075/03.05.07)

New features
Enable startup vibra

SMS corrections
  • System does not load sms service center address (numbers) when booted upon heavy load (2)
  • SMSC is not re-read from SIM after switch on, if IMSI hasn’t changed

CellMo change
No uplink audio in MT voice call, fixed with CellMo update

3.0713.1.0.2 - 4.0726.2.01 (SB-096/18.07.07)

New features
  • FOTA (Flashing/Firmware Over The Air)
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • A2DP Support
  • Dial-up over IR
  • Lifetimer Reset for reflashed phones
  • Vibra Boot notification
  • Configurable Flash setting function for Camera
  • Secure Formatter with TCB and All-Files capabilities
  • N Series Music Player replaces S60 Music Player
  • Online Album included

Removed features

  • Weather Deck wording alignement
  • Spurious “Out of Memory” indications
  • Icons and text in Application Shell
  • Icon in “Catalogs”
  • Folder validity updates
  • Alarm clock function, when handset is turned off
  • Active Standby Shortcut 6 function
  • Quick Office “Save” options
  • Bluetooth search “Searching for Devices”
  • Camera can not be launched if RAM is low.
  • Music player - Indicator appears on the idle state background, after saving a music track
  • Phone reboots if wrong memory card password is entered
  • Memory card details are not read correctly if the card is locked by DUV
  • Tutorial – Occasional malfunction
  • Music player starts when BT stereo headset is switched OFF
  • Unable to create FOTA Server profile
  • "System Error" occurs when trying to synchronize after restoring the backed up info.
  • "App. Closed: Device manager" is detected after exiting from New server profile view.
  • Gallery crashes or phone reboots when moving rocker after making a new album in gallery
  • Long name for messaging settings makes messaging unusable
  • Online Print improvement.
  • Streaming improvement for H3G

4.0726.2.01 - 4.0734.2.02 (SB-120/29.10.07)

New features
Support for new memory devices to be implemented end of November

BT connection to 3rd party devices dropping

4.0734.2.02 - 4.0735.3.0.2 (SB-122/30.10.07)

New features or changes
UID binding for pre-installed Java Applications (S60 3.0 and 3.1). This is a Vodafone CR. They have requested for certain applications like Google Maps to be installed automatically when the user switches on the phone for the first time.

Maps V1.2 in ROM. Maps using Bluetooth GPS devices will be supported.

Automatic Music Library Refresh. Music downloaded through the browser is refreshed in the music player automatically.

  • Unsupported video format hanging the phone
  • Issues with music download from music shop.
  • Phone showing “contact vendor ” on some networks
  • Operator names are corrected
  • Security issue related to symbian and Nokia software updater
  • Streaming issue on Tmobile network
  • Installer crash
  • USB flashing issues
  • Interoperability with non-Nokia BT GPS devices
  • SMS Freeze and SMS length issue

4.0735.3.0.2 - 4.0747.31.0.1 (SB-164/12.03.08)

New features or changes
Update Mobile Search application: Mobile search has been updated from v2.17 to v3.06. Improvements are incorporation of in-device search and removal of local search plug-in. provides local search services in the UK.

Update Online Share application. Online share has been updated to v2.0. The main improvement is that the user can now login to flickr with his yahoo id and password instead of having to create a separate login id and password for accessing his flickr account.

  • Slow search problem in Chinese language variant.
  • Phone crash and reboot issues cases.
  • Creation of mailbox with non-ASCII characters in Arabic language.
  • Maps problems in Icelandic language.
  • Memory leak issues for when voice calls are made to contacts with thumbnails.
  • Browser showing invalid characters in Google search in Chinese language.

4.0747.31.0.1 - 4.0812.4.0.1 (SB-185/21.06.08)

New features or changes
DVB-H: Support for the DVB-H BT module (SU-33W receiver). This allows DVB-H video stream to be sent via BT to the terminal and enables Mobile TV reception in the device at the rate of 25-30 fps.

Future Support for Express Mail Client: Defines UID for Freestyle Email client in N-Series devices. This will provide a superior user experience by integrating Freestyle Email and offering Intellisync based push email solution.

Full Support for Java Apps on Active Idle and Softkeys: This allows Java applications to be assigned to one of the Soft-keys out of the box. This is a Vodafone requirement

Maps: Baseline update to 1.2ww48 release. General error fixes.

MTV DVB-H Subscription: DVBH subscriptions can be done on Nokia terminals using WAP proxy

MTV: Updating the help content

Update of MTV to MBC 4.1 level: Incorporates feature improvements required by many new operators. Also includes error corrections required by current MTV customers.

Error correction
  • Phone crash and reboot issues
  • Phone hangs when a broken video clip is tried to be viewed
  • Exiting Maps stalls the phone
  • Problem with call not being able to be made from Maps
  • Problem with downloading a big video file
  • MTV not recovering after a lost signal
  • Viewing a received SMS with 158 section number SIM in Xinjiang province.
  • Streaming of AAC+ and eAAC+ content is not implemented correctly.
  • RealOne Player goes into an infinite loop when a corrupted RTCP packet is received
  • MTV is not brought back after a voice call ends
  • DVB-H - RO not delivered
  • DVB-H – Issues with subscription
  • DVB-H - Usage tracking crashes the phone
  • Message receiving stops even when sufficient memory is available
  • DVB-H – Picture jams totally after an hour ov viewing Isma 313
  • Memory leak issues in H264 depacketizer
  • Wrongly configured audio profile for eAAC+ radio channel results in hangs and resets
  • Distortion of Email text field
  • DVB-H – Signal scan dialog is not closed during a voice call
  • DVB-H – Switching off accessory during ESG update causes problems
  • DVB-H – No Channel is displayed after initial scan
  • MTV jams when activating speech
  • DVB-H – Stream does not recover if BT is switched off with MTV in the background
  • DVB-H – MTV Preview does not stop at 1 minute
  • DVB-H – Some Ä-letters missing from mobile TV application menus
  • DVB-H – Incoming voice call gets displayed as video call while watching mobile TV
  • DVB-H – Programs can be subscribed even the whole channel has been subscribed before
  • DVB-H – Streaming is not resumed after having MT/MO voice or video calls.
  • DVB-H – Subscribtion retrieval does not work after factory reset
  • DVB-H – Content of SMS trigged by interactive service is missing in BCAST ESG
  • DVB-H – Missing MTV help files for French, Italian and Croatian
  • DVB-H – MBS3.3 (BCAST) Forward compatibility problem
  • DVB-H – Enabling of SIM Lock feature
  • DSP Changes to Support N73 Dual Feed Antenna

4.0812.4.0.1 - 4.0839.42.0.1 (25.09.2008)

New features
  • Improved performance of the MTV, DVB-H and the connection with the SU-33W
  • Improvements according to the operator feedback from key DVB-H markets

  • Support for US languages for the MTV applications
  • MOSH-link to Browser bookmarks added
  • CS-help corrections


Nokia N73 Product Codes

This is a list of Nokia N73 Product codes. You can change your Product code using this guide. Click here to Download the full Product codes list.

EMEA Product Codes for the N73 Standard Edition

0527009 Euro 1
0529568 France
0529569 Alps
0529602 Euro 2
0529603 Turkey
0529604 South Africa
0529605 Scandanavia
0529606 Baltains
0529607 Russia
0529608 Ukraine
0529609 Bulgaria
0529780 Hungary
0529781 Balkans
0529782 Greece/Cypurs
0529784 Lebanon
0529785 Gulf
0529786 Israel
0529790 Euro 1
0529792 Euro 2
0529793 Turkey
0529794 Balkans
0529795 Ukraine
0529796 Greece/Cypurs
0529797 Bulgaria
0529799 Hungary
0529801 Romania
0529803 Gulf
0529804 Baltains
0529805 France
0529806 Alps
0529807 South Africa
0529809 Scandanavia
0529810 Lebanon
0529811 Russia
0537287 Belarus
0537288 Belarus
0540567 Euro 1
0540575 Gulf

EMEA Product Codes for the N73 Music Edition

0537289 Euro 1
0539193 France
0539207 Alps
0539239 Euro 2
0539256 Turkey
0539265 South Africa
0539269 Scandanavia
0539278 Baltains
0539279 Russia
0539284 Ukraine
0539285 Bulgaria
0539289 Hungary
0539291 Balkans
0539293 Greece/Cypurs
0539294 Lebanon
0539295 Gulf
0539298 Israel
0539299 Romania
0539341 Belarus

APAC Product Codes for the N73 Music Edition
0539343 APAC 1
0539346 Philippines
0539349 Australia/New Zealand
0539352 Indonesia
0539354 India/Vietnam
0539351 Thailand

Product Codes for the N73 Internet Edition

0539366 Hong Kong version
0539364 Taiwanese version

Network Based Firmware Product Codes

0541044 Vodafone - UK
0541479 Three - UK
0541149 Orange - UK
0539976 02- UK
0541312 T-Mobile - UK

Nokia N73 Complete Product Code List

How to change the Product Code

Every Nokia Mobile device contains a product code, which contains the data such as the phone model, software version and the region it was released. Depending on the region, you will have several languages on your phone which can be changed from the menu. The product code cannot be viewed by invoking any menus or typing codes, so to view this you need to take the back cover off and remove the battery. The code will be printed on the white label underneath the battery, along with the IMEI and other relevant information of the mobile device. The Product Code is usually a 7 digit code which begins with a 0 (Zero).

Benefits of Changing the Product Code

  • Obtain a New / different version of your Firmware
  • DeBrand your firmware (Removes Network dependent icons, menus and Links)
  • Obtain firmware with different Languages
  • Change the software edition (Music to Standard , Or Standard to Music)

How to Change the Product Code
Read instructions carefully, and do this at your own risk!

First you need to download the latest version of NSS for your PC. Visit the Downloads Page, download the latest version and install it on your computer without changing or ticking any default installation options.

After the installation, it will prompt you to view the USB driver installation. Click "NO" to this, and a shortcut to NSS will be created on your start menu.

Use google serach and get a list of Product codes for your device. Read user reviews (If available), and select the code you want from the list. Copy it down or write it down somewhere exactly as it is. The code usually contains 7 digits, and begins with a 0 (Zero)

To verify your obtained product code, type it on the Nokia Device software update check Page. It will show you your Model and latest available firmware.

Connect your Nokia phone in PC Suite mode to the computer using a data cable.

Go to your start menu, and open NSS. A spalsh screen wlll appear for a few seconds and a new blank window will open as shown below.

On the top right, click the Magnifying glass icon (Scan for a new device)
It will take a few seconds, and the blank window will change to the window shown below.

From the available options in the top, Select and click Phone Info. Move to the right side where it says "Production Data Edit". You will see four Blank options "Product Code, HW Version, Manufacture Month, Order Number and Product Serial Number. Right below the above options, There will be two buttons Read and Write.

Hit the Read button, and the values will be read from the phone.

After a few seconds, the values will be read and will be displayed in blue coloured text and Numbers. Certain fields will remain blank, but the Product code field will show your existing default Product Code.

Now delete the existing product code, and type in the new product code you wrote down earlier. In my case I removed 0539239 and typed the new code 0539343. Tick the enable button right next to the value field.

And once you're done with all the above, Hit the Write button. It wont take more than two or three seconds. Once it is done, A confirmation message will be displayed on the bottom left corner.

Exit NSS, and Restart the Phone if necessary. Update via Nokia Software Updater to obtain the new Firmware.

If this helped you, Please leave a comment! :-)

Nokia Product Code

What is the Product Code?

Every Nokia Mobile device contains a product code, which contains the data such as the phone model, software version and the region it was released. Depending on the region, you will have several languages on your phone which can be changed from the menu. The product code cannot be viewed by invoking any menus or typing codes, so to view this you need to take the back cover off and remove the battery. The code will be printed on the white label underneath the battery, along with the IMEI and other relevant information of the mobile device. The Product Code is usually a 7 digit code which begins with a 0 (Zero).

Things to do with the Product Code

You can use the Product code to view the latest available firmware for your mobile phone by entering it at the Nokia Device Software Update Page. It will show the latest available firmware for your mobile.

What Else?

NSS (Also known as Nemesis Service Suite) gives you the option to change your default product code to another compatible product code. This needs to be done carefully as patching a wrong product code can damage your mobile device. (Actually, patching does not do any damage, after the patching process, the updating process will).

By changing the Product code to a different product code (which contains another software version, and another region info), you will be able to obtain a different firmware from a different region to your mobile phone by updating the firmware (Using NSU, Nokia Software Updater) after the patching process.

As an example, you can change your Nokia N73 Standard edition to a Nokia N73 Music Edition by patching a Product that belongs to a Nokia N73 Music Edition. Vice versa, You can change your Music Edition to a Standard edition, internet Edition or even to another available edition from a region of your choice.

This is possible because the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) uses your product code to identify the device info and required firmware edition. When you patch it to a different editions code, the NSU will read it and will obtain the corresponding firmware for the new product code.

For Lists of Product codes for any type of a Nokia, Use google search. You can find any product code for any nokia device in all editions and all regions. Make sure you obtain the product code from a trustworthy source and read user reviews to confirm the code. In case you mess up the phone, at the product code patching process, you will be left helpless as Nokia warranty does not cover such damage.