Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa in Negombo, Sri Lanka

The Suzuki GSX-1300R , also known as Hayabusa is a hyper sport motorcycle which was once the worlds fastest production motorcycle

In Sri Lanka, Suzuki Hayabusa’s theoretically doesn’t exist, due to the government regulations (Motorcycles with engines above 250 CC are street illegal in Sri Lanka). But among a fewer people a rumor existed that there is indeed a real Suzuki hayabusa in Negombo, and a few also witnessed they have seen it on road.

In year 2005, Maris Stella College in Negombo Hosted a 3 day Exhibition “Com Exploration 2005” organized by the Maris Stella 2005/06 Commerce Union. I was a member of the commerce union back then, and the president of the union, Hershan decided to put up a motorcycle show to pump some life and adventure to the exhibition. The motorcycle show was organized by Don Shane who was a popular biker in negombo area.

On the first day, The show featured some of the rare sports bikes back then in the country with a few unique bikes which were street illegal due to their higher engine capacities.  

On the second day, Motorcycle show had a hidden surprise for the participants at the Com Exploration grounds. Around 10.30 AM, after a few hours from the opening, the rumor, the mysterious Suzuki Hayabusa turned up at the gate and entered the grounds of Maris Stella College, stunning the whole crowd for a few seconds. The hyper sport bike which belonged to a Skilled well known rider in negombo, who also happened to be a Past Pupil of Maris Stella College, was roaming inside the ground for two whole days. People all over the area turned up at the exhibition, just to take a look at the hayabusa.

On the third day of the exhibition, the hayabusa left the grounds after a few stunts and disappeared never to be seen again. Few months after the show, the owner of The Hayabusa migrated from Sri Lanka, leaving the mysterious hayabusa to be a mystery forever.

The Pictures taken of the hayabusa back then were withheld by a request of the owner due to the status in the country and they were never published anywhere. But after a many years, before the story becomes a rumor forever in the history, I decided to upload some of the pictures.

Enjoy !    

And Of course, Two short Video's from the event to make this more intresting // ! 

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