Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nokia N73 Service Manual

This PDF file contains detailed information about the main board of Nokia N73, along with Assembly and disassembly guides. This helped me a lot when i did the Lamborghini Mod. This is important if you're planing to change faceplates , change internal components or to do a hardware cleanup, as disassembling the Nokia N73 is a bit tricky. This guide is made for the use by Nokia care folks, so its safe to follow instructions in this.

How to obtain the Fishfinder in COTD

How to obtain the secret fishfinder in the game Hooked On:Creatures of the Deep

What is a fishfinder ?

A fishfinder is a type of fathometer, both being specialized types of echo sounding systems, a type of Active SONAR. ('Sounding' is the measurement of water depth, a historical nautical term of very long usage.) The fishfinder uses active sonar to detect fish and 'the bottom' and displays them on a graphical display device, generally a LCD or CRT screen. In contrast, the modern fathometer (from fathom plus meter, as in 'to measure') is designed specifically to show depth, so may use only a digital display (useless for fish finding) instead of a graphical display, and frequently will have some means of making a permanent recording of soundings (which are merely shown and subsequently electronically discarded in common sporting fishfinder technology) and are always principally instruments of navigation and safety. The distinction is in their main purpose and hence in the features given the system. Both work the same way, and use similar frequencies, and, display type permitting, both can show fish and the bottom. Thus today, both have merged, especially with the advent of computer interfaced multipurpose fishfinders combining GPS technology, digital chart-plotting, perhaps radar and electronic compass displays in the same affordable sporting unit.


In the game Hooked On:Creatures of the Deep, the fish finder can be used to know where each type of fish occur in the map, which gives a head start for quests and fishing tournaments. Since it is a hidden item, this detailed guide explains how to obtain the fish finder for players who are still looking for it.

The "How to" Guide

First, you need to gain XP enough to unlock all four fishing locations, (Thailand will be unlocked at level 11 - 30,000 XP) as clues for the fish finders location is scattered in all four locations. A map which shows the coordinates for the fish finder is divided into four parts, and the four parts, hidden in floating bottles are put on the four fishing locations in the game ( Costarica, Alaska, Scotland and Thailand). So in order to find them, you need to do some fishing in all four locations. To get bottles which contain the parts of map, you need to scratch the surface using a floating minnow or popping plug. After you find all four parts of the map, from all four cities, it will look like below when joined together.

Notice the Numbers in each maps corner ? thats the coordinates you need. when lined together , the coordinates are 70,0.

Though you find the coordinates, you still need two more items. Someone has to tell you that these are the coordinates for the special prize, isnt it? yes. That message is hidden inside a bottle, which you will find in Thailand when you do some fishing and quests. There is no exact location for the bottle in the map, as players have reported getting it from most parts of Thailand. The bottle contains a secret message which is shown below.

So now you got the coordinates, and instruction. Still you need a GPS device to find the exact coordinates. Some players have said that they have obtained the fishfinder without coordinates, as they have found the exact spot. Yet, to make this more interesting and to play the game properly do the quests.

When you complete the objective in 10th quest , finding the golden necklace, you will obtain the GPS device as the price.

Now, everything you need to unlock the secret is found, whats left is to find the location 70,0.

Once you are on top of the exact coordinates, press the game button (The fire button, or the button you use to cast, hook and reel in.. by default the "5" key) and a message will appear as shown below.

Everything is done, now you have obtained the fishfinder. A new blank bulb will appear under the GPS coordinates which will flash in red or green. The item will appear under "Pocket" in options menu.

Once you hit the option "fishfinder", the bestiary or the fish and items list for the location will appear. you can select anything you want to find from the list. Once you select a specific item and start moving out in the boat, the bulb under the coordinates panel will keep blinking in red. When you reach the location for the item you selected, the bulb will start flashing in green. Move your boat to the spot where the bulb stays brightly lit, and that will be the place you need to fish for the item.

Lets give this a try.

I need to catch a tiger catfish, so i browse the fish finder and selected the tiger catfish as the active item.

A small magnifying glass will appear next to the name once you select it. Now lets move around the country looking for a place to catch the item. Not so far, i found the place and the bulb started to blink in green.

Selected the spot, and casted for the first time. Surprise !

So this item works, and no wonder it was a hidden secret as this item makes the quests and tournaments so easy. You can use this to finish the bestiary and win tournaments quickly to complete the game.

Have fun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hooked On : Creatures of the Deep

The Anglers experience delivered to your N-Gage device

Hooked On : Creatures of the deep, or in short referred as COTD is one of the most successful N-Gage NextGen Games ever to be released. It’s a game that delivers a realistic fishing experience to your mobile, which bounds anyone who gives it a try.

After seeing this on my mobile, more than six people adopted this and are currently on a never ending hunt for fish on quests. Based on real location facts and fish information, this is a game that features some of the best graphics and effects ever to be released on a mobile game. With four top fishing locations in the world, and with a wide range of fish starting from marbled coby’s to whale sharks, this game gives you an endless angling pleasure for days.

The maps of four locations featured in the game are shown below. Access to each location via the airport is unlocked after obtaining the required XP for each country. Once you move out to a new location, all the XP, equipment you obtained at the previous location will be lost, giving you a fresh new start.





During loading screens, the game displays location facts, fish facts and jokes.

The game starts in Crocodile bay, Costarica where the player has to do given quests to obtain equipment and points known as XP. Quests become harder and harder, while equipment and hints are unlocked to make it easier upon achievements. Unlockable items include a variety of Rods and Lures, Depth meters, GPS devices and the final unlockable device of the game, the fish finder.

Based on points, players get their levels upgraded in a similar manner to the popular PC MMORPG “World of Warcraft”. Players can update their ranks and levels to N-Gage arena to see where each player’s stand in the world rank. Unfortunately, according to the N-Gage Arena forums the top 5 XP scores (Which are the same - 2147483647 XP) updated at the moment are suspected to be cheated as the points or XP cannot be reached via game play.

As in real life fishing, by obtaining the GPS device, players can even share great fishing locations by exchanging the GPS coordinates for specific fishing spots and it also helps to find specific fish which are required for some quests. While fishing, you may often reel in items such as bicycle frames, corals, sea weed and even rubber ducks which are required during some quests as the objective to complete the quest.

Shown below are some GPS locations for fish in first three fishing locations posted by N-Gage player and expert mobile angler misiex.

Costa Rica:
DORADO 422,443
SEA SNAKE 163,116
SNOOK 217,319
TARPON 67,77
WAHOO 353,240
BULL SHARK 437,467

LINCOD 53,463
COHO (SILVER) 94,316
BURBOT 188,376
COALFISH 233,317
HALIBUT 176,494
HERRING 478,450
NARWHAL 258,61
WOLFFISH 399,395

LAKE TROUT 172,575
SEA TROUT 488,60
PERCH 169,287
TENCH 386,530
CHUB 190,352
SALMON 260,80
GRAYLING 186,111
DACE 105,307
CARP 294,399
EEL 174,407
GUDGEON 374,284
ROACH 229,245
RUDD 258,307
PIKE 41,203
BREAM 127,624
ROCK COD 450,23
STURGEON 133,537
NESSIE 170,501

(Contains Spoilers)

A walkthrough for the game has been written by Robot2037, You can download it from here. For the real experience, and if you are a player willing to face the mobile angler's challenge, play the game without reading the walkthrough.

Get the Game

So if you’re an N-Gage user looking for a great game, or if you are a real life angler who happens to own an N-Gage device, head to the N-Gage Web Page now where you can obtain a trial for the game, which you can try before you buy.

Game Forums

Developers Website

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Nokia N-Gage

Nokia + Video Games = ?

Nokia N-Gage is the gaming system or rather known as the gaming platform available for the Series 60 devices of Nokia. Originally, N-Gage was released in year 2003, as a dedicated mobile device which was similar to Gameboy Advance. The device in design looked similar to a Gameboy Advance, yet it was a series 60 based Mobile phone. The keypad was designed as handheld mobile games’s keys which made gaming a lot easier.

I too, owned a Nokia N-Gage classic game deck in year 2007 for a few months, and it was a great mobile telephone, except for the fact that you had to hold it like a Mexican Taco in your ear whenever you wanted to make or receive a call as the speaker was located on the side of the device. Apart from that, and a memory issue (known as the White Screen of Death), it was a great mobile telephone. The device had the ability to record audio clips from FM Radio, which I didn’t see in any other device.
The device also supported stereo headphones, and had a slot for SD memory cards. In some European regions, Games were sold as SD cards and, also you could download the setup files and install on device memory or SD card Memory. For Nokia, N-Gage became a total failure according to reviews, as the games were cracked (Unlocked full versions) and became widely available on the cyber space for free.

Replacing the classic Game deck, Nokia released a follow up device, The Nokia N-Gage QD. (QD –quaque die, which meant everyday day in Latin). The N-Gage QD was released in 2004, and certain features such as MP3 Playback, FM Radio and USB were not present on the device. The N-Gage QD was smaller in size compared to the Classic N-Gage device.

Second Generation of N-Gage

The New release of N-Gage (the Second Generation), known as the N-Gage NextGen is a gaming platform was an application software rather than a device. The N-Gage NextGen was announced in E3 2005, and it was launched on 2008. During the launch the N-Gage NextGen platform was released to a several N-Series devices as a beta test. Later on the final release was made available on their N-Gage home page.

Games designed for the Classic N-Gage platform were not compatible with the N-Gage NextGen. With Hooked On : Creatures of the deep as their leading game title, several other games received good reception. Late on popular PC game titles such as Prince Of Persia, Need for Speed Undercover and Metal Gear were released for the N-Gage NextGen platform.

The N-Gage application which needs to be pre installed to the device, was similar to X-Box 360’s Live service. It has the ability to manage your own profile, keep you connected with friends and even grant access to latest games and updates via the showroom.

At present Nokia is working together with Gameloft, Capcom, EA and Vivendi , a few leading game developers, and in future we can expect some great games from Nokia N-Gage.

To get N-Gage on your device visit their, and select your device to download.
To Read more about N-Gage, visit the
Official N-Gage Blog.

I am an
N-Gage user as well. Though the N-Gage site does not support N73 officially, there were certain un-official ways to install this on Nokia N73. Currently, Im Hooked on with Creatures of the deep.

My N-Gage Player Name is JazonX and Feel free to Add me as a Friend on your N-Gage Profile.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Singers in Action

Two brief songs from my friends, captured from my Nokia N73.

Singer - Liran Baptist
Song - Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)
This song was sung by Liran as a dedication to his crush, during the wedding of Nalinka and Thiyagi.

Singer - Rukshan "Ruka"
Song - Mal Warusawe (Kasun Kalhara)
This song was sung by Rukshan, the famous violinist from Sri Lanka at Edwards 30th Birthday party celebrated at his residence.

Videos Captured using My Nokia N73

Edward Suranga at Training

Fun with Beginner Gymnasts

Edward Suranga Fernando

Edward Suranga Fernando started his carrier in gymnastics at the age of eight at Maris Stella College, Negombo, under the guidance of Mr.Mervyn Mendis, of the college tutorial staff and a senior judge of the Gymnastics Association of Sri Lanka.

He won many medals and certificates at All Ceylon Gymnastic meets, and in 1996, he was appointed a judge of the events of men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics.

These videos were captured at AMC gymnasium in Negombo, during a training session for beginner gymnasts by Edward Suranga Fernando.

Videos Captured using a Nokia N73.