Friday, January 23, 2009

Find Title, Artist and Details of Songs in Movies

Ever wondered the name of a great song u heard in a movie u watched? So that you can get the song to listen to it again, or maybe you wanna use it as your next ringtone? 

This is my solution to that specific problem, apart from google search. (Of course there is no way to beat up google’s search engine, but this one’s worth a watch.)

So the Magic site we are gonna check today is 

This is their opening home page, of course the picture of the movie changes every time you refresh the page.

So to check whether this really works, im gonna search for my next ringtone. Its an easy one though..

Ahh , hope you guys watched the 2007 movie Disturbia, starring Shia Lebeouf and Sarah Roemer. I think it’s a great movie. If you watched the movie, you might’ve heard the ringtone in Ashley’s (Sarah Roemer) Mobile phone. (Yeah ! the one that goes like ahh, ooh, so horny!!) :-O

A google search with the keyword “Ashley ringtone disturba” will bring up what you want too. But lets just do it in a differant way this time.

So take a ride. First type in the movie’s name on the top left corner of the site.

Now , from the search results , click the one you want. In our case, 
Disturbia (Soundtrack)

And now the appropriate page will load up with the movie poster. On the center of the page, you will find the Track listings, separated as the ones that are included in the movie soundtrack , and the ones are not , but plays in the movie. If you can guess the name, your search will end here. (Yeah , with the "horny" part you can guess the title of the song :-) )

Otherwise, you may scroll down a bit. Fans all around the world have typed in their questions regarding the soundtrack. Stuff like what is the song that plays in that scene , the song that plays when she does that and e.t.c. :D
And the best part is , all questions are answered. So al you gotta do is keep on reading, the questions are sorted in order according to the scenes of the movie.

Two scrolls, and I just found what I wanted .. :-)

You can try this again with all the great movies you watched, and who knows you might actually end up with a great collection of music.

Have fun folks, once again the site is