Friday, January 23, 2009

Nokia N73 Lamborghini Edition

Now, when did Nokia produce a Lamborghini edition for the N73 ? That must be the first question that pops in your mind when you see the title. They have 8880 Lamborghini Edition, but when did they release a N73?

Well Nokia didn’t do such a thing, Even though they did it, the price tag will be higher than the empire state building.

So we did it !

This mod was completely done in Sri Lanka by the brainiac Amith Perera in Negombo, He is the Skilled Technical Director of a large industrial firm which manufactures Precision Injection Moulded Items and Tamper Evident Plastic Closures. This was originally a Finland Made Nokia N73 Music Edition. I bought it back in July 2007, a few months after the launch. The idea of converting this to a Lamborghini edition (Like the 8800) first dashed through my mind when I saw the Lamborghini Gallardo theme by Supertonic, who in my opinion is the best Theme Artist in the symbian world. After seeing the colour variation and design he had used in the theme , I got the idea of modding the phone to match it.

The Conversion process cost a whole month of amith's precious time, and amith's patience as well. The Final result of the mod is a perfect example of his precise and accurate skilled work, but i must admit, these pictures doesnt do much justice to him and his work in that context, since i had to lower the resolution to publish them online.

The Final Result !


After the Update, I Contacted Supertonic (The Theme Artist) via a wall post in Imserba to show the pictures, and let him know about this mod. After a couple of hours, he replied to the post, and he has modified the same theme with new icons, new colours, and with my name across the car specially for me !!!

Thanks Supertonic !
Best of Luck With All your work !!