Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Backup a Nokia S60 Device

“Backup”, what does this mean? Everyone talks about backing up your files, so that you can retrieve them in a situation like a data loss. Lets see what this really means, and how we can do this on a Nokia S60 Mobile.

What is “Backup”?

In techno geek world, The situation meant by “Backup” is Making alternate copies of your primarily used files or data, so that in a case of a data loss you can retrieve your files using the alternate backup you made earlier and resume your work without an impact.

Backups are useful in case you accidently delete the primary copy of your data, or you face some sort of a disaster which will end up destroying your storage mediums. In my case, if I lose all my data, id rather suicide than live the next part of my life. But if you backed up everything you need earlier, you can always restore your work using the backup and resume with your work.

Importance of Mobile Phone Backup ?

Like computers, Mobile phones nowadays hold bytes of valuable data.

To some people in the business world, the data inside the phone is far more valuable than the value of the device. Contacts/Phone Book, Calendar Entries, Notes, Pictures taken from the Phone Camera are some examples for Data types in Mobile devices. In case of a situation like a theft or an accident where you end up loosing your mobile phone or bricking it, you lose your Data along with the device as well.

This could be avoided if you have a backup of everything you need, so that you can restore the backup to your new device and resume with your work.

So how do we make a backup?

Making a Backup is sometimes simple as copy-paste.

All you gotta do is copy the data, and paste it in a safer storage medium. Making this a habit to do once a week or month depending on the data will save you in most of the situations.

Alternatively there are software’s that will do this for you and most of them can be programmed to carry out a backup process automatically in a timely manner. In earlier DOS days my geek cousin ELCP created a .bat file with a bunch of dos commands that carries out this task automatically.

Backup a Nokia Symbian 60 series Device

Since my primary objective is to discuss about Nokia Symbian Series 60 Devices, Lets see the many ways that can be done.

There are a few ways to do this, if you’re looking for a way to backup your phone, pick the more suitable solution for you.

Using the Backup Feature in Nokia PC Suite.

Nokia PC suite is the software that you use to manage your mobile phone using a computer.

You can find this software in the CD or DVD that you received when you bought your mobile, in case you didn’t receive a CD or a DVD, you can download it using the Nokia Website.

This method is the best way to backup a Nokia Mobile, since it allows you to backup Contacts, Calendar Entries, Notes, Files, Emails and Text Messages.

1. Connect your Mobile Phone in PC suite mode using the Data cable or Bluetooth.

2. Open PC suite in Computer and wait up a few moments till it identifies the connected phone.

3. Select Backup on the PC suite interface and follow the on screen instructions to create a Backup file of the contents of your phone.

4. Select the content you need to be included in the backup file.

5. The software will create a backup of your content in a file that ends with the extension .nbu which will open in any computer that has Nokia PC suite installed.

6. Store this backup file in an alternate storage medium, such as a compact disk or a External Hard Drive.

In case of a disaster, you can use the same application (Select Restore instead of Backup) to restore your data back to the mobile phone.

Manual Copy-Paste.

If you need to backup your user files such as pictures, songs, and videos this a quick way to do this.

This can be done without PC suite as well, But this method has a drawback since this cannot obtain contacts or Calendar Entries. So this is not the best option.

With PC suite

1. Same drill, Connect Mobile Phone in PC suite mode, wait til it identifies the Phone.

2. Open PC suite and Select File manager in the PC suite interface.

3. This will open up your Memory Card and Phone memory in your computer.

4. Go through the folders and copy anything you need to your computer. You move as well, in case you don’t want the data anymore on your Phone memory.

Without PC suite

Can be done in any computer. But this will only open up your Memory Card or Mass Memory of the Phone.

This won’t work if you don’t have an alternate storage memory on your Phone.

If you have a Mobile with a Mass Storage Memory (N95 8GB, N81 8GB), your mass memory is the alternate storage area.

If you need to get something in the phone memory, Move it to the Memory Card or Mass Memory before connecting the phone to the computer, since this method does not give you access to the Phone Memory.

1. Connect the Phone to the Computer using the Data Cable.

2. Select “Storage Mode” or “Mass Memory” from the Phone Interface.

3. Your Phone’s Storage Memory will now show up as a External Hard Drive or a USB thumb drive in My Computer.

4. Open it and copy or Move anything you want from the Mobile to the PC.

Synchronize with Outlook or Lotus Notes

Another neat feature that comes with Nokia PC suite is Synchronization.
This allows you to merge your contacts, Calendar Entries and Notes with your personal management application.

Nokia PC suite is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes and a few more popular programs. Keeping the phone synchronized weekly with your PC will save you the time to go through the whole backup process.

But keep in mind that this only allows you to backup Contacts, Calendar Entries, Emails and Notes.

1. Connect the Phone in PC suite mode, and Open up PC suite.

2. Select Synchronize.

3. A separate window will open up for Synchronize Tasks.

4. Select the Phone from “connect a Phone” Button.

5. Enter your Settings such as your application, files to be synchronized.

6. Hit the Synchronize button to start the process.

Online Solutions.

Nokia Provides two solutions to backup your mobile phone online.

Which are MyNokia and Ovi.

MyNokia and Ovi will do carry out the Backup process for you. The advantage in this is you can retrieve your data from anywhere with internet connectivity.


1. Sign up and Login at My Nokia.
2. Select My Nokia Backup service.


1. Sign up and Login to Ovi Service.
2. Add your mobile Device to be Managed by Ovi, Enter all your details correctly.
3. You will receive a Text Message shortly with necessary information.

Advanced User Solutions

This method is for the advanced user’s who have tested the FCA0000 Hack on their Mobiles.

If you have no idea what this means, Do not attempt to try this.

For users who have gained access to system folders using the recent hacks that emerged in the symbian world, you can copy the database files from the directly from the phone to your memory card.

All you need is a File manager with all files capability.

Contacts – C:\private\1000295\DBS_100065FF_Contacts.cdb
Calendar Entries - C:\private\1000395b\Calendar
Browser Cookies – C:\private\101F8530\Cookies\