Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Format a Nokia S60 Mobile Phone

When you’re using a Nokia, with time you may notice that your device starts to get buggier and slow in response to your commands. Most of the time, this happens when the mobile gets filled up with data and unnecessary junk and temp files. You can Backup your data and save the space, but what about the hidden pests which we cant deal in the normal user interface?

Apart from the above case there may be several other, some even worst case scenarios like Virus attacks, and malware that fails to remove from the device.

That’s the time when we need to do some serious cleaning, in other words a Device Format. Device Format sweeps out everything in the device and restores the original factory settings it had when the phone was manufactured. All User Installed files such as themes, contacts, Notes will be deleted.

Before attempting any of the format procedures, make sure your Device’s battery is fully charged or connected to a Power adapter. Power failure or Low Batteries might end up bricking the phone.

There are three Main types of Formatting Procedures.

  • Factory Reset
  • Hard Reset
  • Hard Format

Factory Reset

“Factory Reset” will reset all custom settings back to the device’s factory default state. This will not delete any User Data from the Phone memory. Settings such as current time, alarms, Profiles, Themes will be reverted back to the original settings. In Geek words this will restore all the original ini files in the phone.

If your problem isn’t solved with a Factory Reset, You should go for the Hard reset.

To do a Factory Reset, Type *#7780* in the standby screen. Then a message will appear requesting your mobile security code. (Nokia Default security code is 12345). Once you enter the security code, the device will restart. Alternatively, you can do this by selecting Factory Reset located in the Phones settings menu.

Hard Reset

“Hard Reset” is for more tough situations such as viruses and heavy load of junk files that cannot be deleted. Hard Reset will wipe out everything in your phone memory and will restore all the factory default settings. You must backup important files in your phone before this process.

Contacts, Calendar Entries, Files in Phone Memory and Messages will be completely deleted in this process.

To do a Hard Reset, Type *#7370# in the standby screen. A message will appear requesting your Device’s Security Code (Nokia Default security code is 12345). Once you enter the security code, the device will restart. Once the device restarts you can restore your backups.

Hard Format

This option is considered the last option in formatting procedures. This is almost the same as Hard Reset, difference is that this is executed during the Boot process. This is helpful in case your device fails to boot up in case of corrupt font files or viruses. This is will also delete everything in your mobile phone, and will completely restore everything to factory default state.

How to do a Hard Format

Turn off the Mobile Phone

Press and Hold the Following Keys -> Green Key(Send Button) , * , 3

While holding the above 3 buttons, Press the power button to switch on the Phone.

When the Device is powered up, everything in the phone memory will be deleted and restored back to the factory default state. This process usually takes a few minutes.

In S60 V2 devices such as Nokia 7610, 6600 this procedure will be displayed on the screen.